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Fixed Deposit

What is Fixed Deposit ?
A fixed deposit is meant for those investors who want to deposit a lump sum of money for a fixed period; say for a minimum period of 15 days to ten years, thereby earning a higher rate of interest in return. Investor gets a lump sum (principal + interest) at the maturity of the deposit.

Bank's fixed deposit scheme is one of the most common savings scheme for  an average investor. Fixed deposit also gives a higher rate of interest than a savings bank account. Some of the facilities offered by bank on fixed deposit are overdraft (loan) facility on the amount deposited, premature withdrawal before maturity period (which involves a loss of interest) etc. Bank deposits are fairly safer because banks are subject to under control of the Reserve Bank of India.

Why Fixed Deposit with Us ?
Bank deposits are the safest investment after Post office savings because all bank deposits are insured under the Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Scheme of India. It is possible to get a loans up to75- 90% of the deposit amount from banks against fixed deposit receipts. The interest charged will be 1% more than the rate of interest earned by the depositers. The 1995 Finance Bill Proposals introduced tax deduction at source (TDS) on fixed deposits on interest incomes of Rs.5000/- and above per annum. We give best interest rate on fixed deposit as under.


Click Here to view interest rate based on investment period.

Required Documents ::

  • Identity Proof (Any one of following documents)
    Driving License
    PAN Card
    Voter ID Card
    Defence / Govt  / ID Card
  • Address Proof (Any one of following documents)
    Voter ID Card
    Ration Card
    Electricity/Telephone/Mobile Bill
    Life Insurance Policy /Premium Receipts
    House Lease Agreement
    Employer's Letter in case of Pvt. & Public Ltd. Company.
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Specimen Card

Application Forms for Fixed Deposit